Hokkaido today

Hokkaido today

Since 1999, Hokkaido sells cutting-edge solutions for heating, cooling, domestic hot water production and air treatment to Italy and Europe.


Being constantly committed to improving the climate in the world also means taking on the commitment to use energy intelligently, in order to safeguard the environment.

The Hokkaido distributor network

HOKKAIDO products are distributed by Termal Sales on the Italian and international market through specialized channels, with an integrated logistics service.


The headquarters of the Termal Sales company is in Bologna, at the Termal Group operation center. A modern complex (4,000 sqm of offices and 4,500 sqm of warehouse) is the operational hub for commercial, logistical and administrative activities. Technical-commercial assistance and training activities also converge in this centre, managed directly to guarantee high quality standards.

International distribution

With its many distributors and dealers on European soil, Hokkaido has a strategic presence that creates the best conditions to sell its products to markets and communities across Europe.

13 dealers

Austria | Swiss | Germany | Malta

15 distributors

Slovenia | Serbia | Czech Republic and Slovakia | Bulgaria | Romania | Poland | Hungary | Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia | Holland | Croatia | Belgium | France | Albania | Kosovo | Ireland
The Hokkaido mission
Hokkaido grows besides you
Hokkaido’s manifesto

The steps that have made Hokkaido an appreciated brand in the world of air conditioning

The distribution begins in Europe through a network of dealers and subsidiaries in France and Holland, followed by Spain and Germany.

The distribution of residential air conditioning products begins with the launch of the Niño, the ‘heat pipe’ dehumidifier with R134A refrigerant.

Market launch of the Smallest One residential line, the heat pump with the smallest external unit in the category.

The Hokkaido brand reached its peak of visibility in 2005, when Climamio Basket Bologna won the championship and became Italian Champion.

Hokkaido was a Ducati sponsor in Superbike from 2003 to 2006.

The new Inverter technology allows to regulate the speed of electric motors and is a valid alternative to Constant Speed.

The DRC is the Hokkaido variable refrigerant volume system which adopted Digital Scroll compressors, was dedicated to commercial and industrial applications and guaranteed savings, application flexibility and ease of installation.

Launch of the new XRV and XRV Mini systems for commercial and industrial air conditioning.

Hokkaido Italia was born which with Climamio and Termal International deals with the distribution of Hokkaido products in Italy and Europe.

The residential range is enriched with Hot Water, heat pump water heaters for the production of DHW and the new 3-pipe XRV system.

Distribution of Inside, the console in heat pump without external unit.

In 2016, Hokkaido presents the new series of air-water heat pumps for heating, air conditioning and DHW production, which have reliable performance at -20° C outside temperature.

The Hokkaido srl company replaces first Hokkaido Italia and then Climamio in the distribution in Italy of all Hokkaido products through a dense network of specialized wholesalers and installers.

Dal 2018, tutti i modelli dei sistemi XRV per applicazioni commerciali e industriali diventano full DC Inverter.

The Hokkaido brand celebrates its first 20 years with the advertising campaign ‘We have been growing together for 20 years’ which aired on RAI channels in June 2019.

The residential range is enriched with R32 products.

Hokkaido srl begins distribution, alongside its products, of the residential, commercial and industrial range of Multiwarm, another the proprietary brand of the Termal Group.

The Heating range is completed in 2022, full of excellent products for heating, air conditioning and DHW production in the residential and commercial sectors.

Hokkaido launches Hondo, the new R32 monobloc air-water heat pump, Full DC Inverter with integrated hydronic module.

Hokkaido takes part in MCE 2024 with a new monobloc air-water heat pump in R290 gas.