Inside | Air conditioner without outdoor unit

Inside | Air conditioner without outdoor unit

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Without outdoor unit




Cooling and Heating

INSIDE, air conditioner without outdoor unit

INSIDE, Inverter and on/off heat pumps without outdoor units, is ideal for historic downtowns, making cooling possible in the summer and heating in the winter.
In a single unit you find: a classic outdoor and indoor unit, normally divided into traditional air conditioners.

Adjustable air flow

INSIDE is characterised by clean, modern lines, has a depth of only 17 cm and can be installed either at the bottom and at the top of perimeter walls. It is possible to adjust the orientation of the air outlet flap by simply pressing the corresponding button on the machine panel.

No frost system for harsh winter climates

The condensate drip tray is constantly preheated, thus preventing water from freezing during winter operation.

Easy installation, less maintenance

With no outdoor unit, it is easily installed on any perimeter wall, even without the aid of a qualified refrigeration installer. Just drill two 162 mm diameter holes in the wall without stretching the connecting cut to outdoor units. If INSIDE is to operate only in heating mode, it can be installed without a condensate drain pipe. With no refrigerant pipes, maintenance is practically non-existent.

Silent operation

Who doesn’t love a little peace and quiet?

Thanks to the power used, the internal layout and the use of soundproofing materials, INSIDE achieves exceptional levels of quiet: it is difficult to distinguish it from a normal wall-mounted split unit.
Because true well-being is being able to rest or sleep in a comfortable, noise-free environment.

Remote and on-board control

INSIDE comes standard with a practical, functional remote control. The desired settings can also be made on the machine, from a convenient control panel from which you can deactivate the ‘heating’ function and activate LOCK to lock the keypad.

With retractable outdoor grilles, ideal for old town centres

The external swinging grilles only open when the machine is in operation. This reduces the entry of dust, noise and pollution, requires less maintenance and is even less visible from the outside. INSIDE can be installed anywhere. It is an ideal solution for buildings with particular architectural requirements, as the air conditioner can be installed even where city or condominium restrictions prevent the installation of traditional outdoor units. The external grilles can be painted with the same colour as the façade to almost completely hide its installation.

Technical specifications