XRV Heat recovery System

XRV Heat recovery System

HCSRU 2526-3356 XRV-R
HCSRU 4006-5006 XRV-R



Cooling and Heating


Outdoor unit, XRV heat recovery systems

Heat recovery – 3 pipes
The range is characterized by 6 basic modules: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18HP.
All outdoor unit compressors are Full DC Inverter type for a high level of efficiency.
Wide range of available power: from 22,4 to 150 kW.


  • Possibility of connecting up to 45 indoor units with only one flow divider.
  • The new HCSRU XRV-R series supplies up to 18HP of capacity in a single unit and up to a maximum of 54HP in a combination of 3 modules, covering all types of applications and building extensions.
  • High performance thanks to the steam-injected DC Inverter compressor, HOKKAIDO 3-pipe outdoor units are capable of operating down to -25° C, providing significantly higher heating capacities especially at colder outside temperatures.
  • The indoor units can operate in different modes even if they are
    connected to the same flow divider.
  • Broad operating range at outside temperatures from -15° C to 52° C in cooling mode and from -25° C to 19° C in heating mode. Simultaneous cooling and heating is guaranteed from -15O C to 27O C in prevailing cooling mode and from -15° C to 19° C in prevailing heating mode.
  • High splitting distance: max distance between I.U. up to 200 m, total length up to 1000 m.
  • Hight energy efficiency.

Technical specifications