XRV Plus Mini System up to 6,5HP

XRV Plus Mini System
up to 6,5HP

HCNU 1054 XRV-1 Plus;
HCSU 1404-1804 XRV-1 Plus


Outdoor unit, XRV Heat pump systems


Cooling and Heating


  • All units are equipped with a high efficiency Full DC Inverter compressor.
  • Slim, flexible design.
  • DC Inverter motor fan: Wider fan speed adjustment range;Reduced noise level.
  • Optimal design of the and fan-shaped louvre, that ensure low
    noise level at high air flow.
  • Wide operating temperature range: Cooling -15° C ~ +48° C; Heating -15° C ~ +27° C
  • Auto-addressing of indoor units.

Technical specifications