Multisplit outdoor units R410A

Multisplit outdoor units R410A

HCKU 472 X2
HCKU 531 X2
2 spaces

HCKU 601 X3
HCKU 761 X3
3 spaces

HCKU 811 X4
4 spaces

HCKU 1061 X4
4 spaces

HCKU 1201 X5
5 spaces


Multisplit, Outdoor unit


Cooling and Heating


  • 7 available power levels: from 4.15 to 12.30 kW.
  • Seasonal energy efficiency class on cooling/heating up to A++/A+ [for levels including 4.15, 8.00 and 8.20 kW].
  • Operating range: -15~50°C in cooling; -15~24°C in heating.
  • All outdoor unit compressors are equipped with Sine Wave Inverter Technology 180°, the function that significantly reduces noise levels and considerably increases energy efficiency at low frequencies.

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Technical specifications