Premium Modular XRV Multi System

Premium Modular XRV Multi System

HCSU 2525-3355 XRV-P;
HCSU 4005-6155 XRV-P


Cooling and Heating


Outdoor unit, XRV Heat pump systems

The range is characterised by 8 basic modules: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22HP. Wide range of available power: from 25.2 to 246.0 kW.
All units are equipped with a DC Inverter compressor and with DC Inverter fan motor:
– Wider fan speed adjustment range
– Reduced noise level.


  • The XRV P Modular series can connect up to 64 indoor units.
  • Wide range of external operating temperatures: heating – 20°C / 24°C, cool. – 5°C / 43°C
  • COP values up to 5.09 (mod. 8HP).
  • EER values up to 4.03 (mod. 8HP).
  • Silent operation.
  • Auto-addressing of indoor units.

Technical specifications