XRV System | Total Heat Exchanger

XRV System | Total Heat Exchanger

EHIN 304~404
EHIN 504~2004


Enthalpy heat regenerator


Indoor unit


Dehumidifying and air processing

Enthalpy heat recovery unit. Energy regenerator during heat exchanges in rooms.
The ventilation units with heat recovery are suited for use in bars, restaurants, offices, gyms, changing rooms and all rooms where it is necessary to exchange air during hours of operation.
The units consist of two centrifugal fans: one introduces clean air filtered from outside and the other one expels the stale air from the inside. The two air flows go through one blade heat exchanger in which part of the heat is recovered. Depending on the season, the indoor air heats or cools the outdoor air that is introduced without coming into contact with it.


• 7 power levels: 300~2000 m3/h.
• DC Inverter fan.
• Mandatory wired remote control.

Technical specifications