Product Line

Wide range, innovative technology, energy saving and care for the environment, identify the strengths of Hokkaido offer.

A complete offer for every need for air conditioning, heating and hot water production.

Monosplit and Multisplit Lines characterized by easy installation and total comfort in any type of residential context.
A selection of products ideal for medium, large environments.
Range of heat pump water heaters, composed of models with a capacity of 200, 300 and 400 liters. Our Hot Water replaces traditional electric boilers.
XRV Systems with variable refrigerant flow for the air conditioning of commercial and residential spaces of medium and large size: reduction of energy consumption.
The exclusive Line signed Hokkaido for hydronic heat pumps: products dedicated to cooling, heating, and domestic hot water.


Solutions for every kind of space and for every need.
Choose now what you need.
One Space
Hokkaido offers many types of products to cool and heat one space at a time. Make your choice.
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Whole Home
Many possibilities to air-condition and make more comfortable your home: heating, cooling, domestic hot water production.
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Apartment Building
The right products for air conditioning and domestic hot water production, for multi-family buildings.
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Solutions for air conditioning and domestic hot water production with low management costs.
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Flexible management for each environment, care for energy consumption and solutions for domestic hot water production.
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A complete range of products to work as best as possible. Wellness from small to large office.
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Elegant lines and comfortable climate in the proposals designed for business.
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Solutions for spaces with a high need for air recirculation, heating, cooling, and use of large volumes of domestic hot water.
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Shopping Center
Air conditioning systems able to guarantee efficiency and energy savings, ideal climate in all seasons, in galleries and in individual commercial spaces.
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Industrial Spaces
Complete solutions for the air conditioning of industrial and production buildings of large size. Low energy consumption and respect for the environment.
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