Monosplit | Slim Cassette 84×84 R32

Monosplit | Slim Cassette 84×84 R32

HTBI 711-1081-1401-1601 ZA




Indoor unit, Monosplit


Cooling and Heating

The 8-ways cassette type unis for suspended ceilings combine exceptional features with a sophisticated design. This range is extremely flexible and uses low GWP R32 refrigerant.

  • The remote control is included as standard.
  • Wi-Fi is optional.


  • 4 power sizes: single phase 7.03 kW; three-phase 10.55 ~ 15.24 kW.
  • Seasonal energy efficiency class in cooling/heating mode: A++/A+.
  • 8-ways TBP 711 ZA panel.
  • Operating range in cooling and heating: -15~50° C; -15~24° C.
  • Pre-set for external air inlet.
  • Condensate drain pump included, with the possibility of raising the discharge up to 750 mm from the lower height.
  • Installation flexibility: up to 75 m splitting length and 30 m height difference between O.U. and I.U. (10.01 ~ 13.57 kW).

Technical specifications